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Seminar Programme 2022/23

Term Two

18th Jan,2023

Planning for CHoSTM's 30th year anniversary

Discussion towards finalizing plans for the 30th year anniversary of CHoSTM.

1st Feb,2023


15th Feb,2023- postponed due to strikes

There, we were all the same: Life Stories around Leprosy

Prof. Antonio Garcia-Belmar

Antonio will be circulating the introduction to his upcoming book on life stories around leprosy. 

1st Mar, 2023- Postponed due to strikes

German WW1 Defeat and Revolution: Gerard Kite's 1921 lecture to the Swedish Synod

Catherine Harrison

Catherine will be circulating a draft chapter from her ongoing PhD research on the intellectual history of the political, theological, and racial ivtersectionalities of Gerhard Kittel's antisemitism. 

15th Mar, 2023


Francisca Valenzuela-Villaseca

Francisca will be circulating a draft chapter form her ongoing PhD research on telegraphy and state formation in Latin America.

29th Mar, 2023

Sanitary Infrastructures and the Politics of Knowledge in Colonial Madras, 1865-1940

Viswanathan Venkataraman

Viswa will be circulating the draft of his PhD introduction towards his submission later this term. 

Term One

28th Sep,2022

CHoSTM Research review

This will be an opportunity to meet new members at the centre, and discuss our ongoing research, as well as plan further regarding the centre's 30th year anniversary coming up in 2023. 

12th Oct, 2022

Patchwork Engineering: Sanitary Infrastructures in Interwar Madras city

Viswanathan Venkataraman 

Draft will be pre-circulated.

26th Oct, 2022


Dr. Caitjan Gainty

9th Nov, 2022

Challenging scholarly authority in 19th century flat earth argumentation 

Dr. Lisa Svantfeldt-Winter

Draft will be pre-circulated. 

23rd Nov, 2022

The Making of Rural Industry: 'Bidi' Tobacco in Central Provinces, 1920-1940

Shankar Nair

Draft will be pre-circulated

5th Dec, 2022 ( Monday)

Book discussion- Carbon Technocracy: Energy Regimes in Modern East Asia 

Dr. Victor Seow, Assistant Professor of the History of Science, Harvard University

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