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Seminar Series

The CHoSTM seminar series continues into the next term. The first session is schedule on the 17th of Jan, 2024, and will be held alternate Wednesdays between 17.00-19.00 hrs. Please note that the seminars will be held at S8.08, 8th Floor, Department of History, Strand Building, King's College London. Seminars will mostly showcase the internal work of the department and will be based on pre-circulated papers.  Please contact Viswanathan Venkataraman if you are interested in attending.              

Seminar Programme 2023/24

Term Two

17th Jan, 2024

Material Agency in Socio-Technical Imaginaries: The Construction of the First Three Chilean State's Hydro-Electric Plants, 1939-1943

Jose-Soto Vejar

31st Jan, 2024

Community Action as Local State Formation or the Art of Reconfiguring Tradition for Low-Cost Infrastructure, 1958-1970

Edisson Aguilar-Torres

14th Feb, 2024

Brazilian Dromedaries: A History of Acclimatization, Agricultural Modernization and Camelids, 1857-67

David Francisco de Moura Penteado

28th Feb, 2024


13th Mar, 2024

Development and Non-State Actors in Modern India: Agencies, Perspectives and Experiences

Dr. Sandip Kana

Click here for the list of previous seminars. 

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