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Healthy Scepticism (2019-2020)

Caitjan Gainty

twitter: @healthy_scept

Healthy Scepticism is a Wellcome Trust funded project that aims, for this era of fake news, to examine and find sense in the doubt, cynicism, suspicion, and distrust in and around medical practice from the mid-20th century to the present. The project forms an initial scoping step, which seeks to lay the groundwork for larger and more focused work in this area via a combination of archival research, interdisciplinary workshops and public engagement. The project seeks to understand what medical sceptics past and present, in individual encounters and in public disavowals of medicine, have expressed in their refusals to comply with conventional medical and public health views. It hopes to shed new light not only on the position of medicine in our uniquely sceptical contemporary as well as offering critical perspective on the position – the health – of scepticism itself as a form of critical engagement.

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